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All Phase is an authorized distributor of North American Electric, Inc brand of industrial electric motors. North American offers a complete line of high quality products at extremely competitive prices. We locally stock the most common types and sizes of motors to insure our ability to provide a replacement as quickly as possible after an unexpected failure.

Three Phase Motors

Cast Iron, TEFC

  • High Efficiency, Hostile Duty, 1-500 HP
  • Premium Efficiency, Inverter Duty, 1-300 HP
  • High Efficiency Plus, Severe Duty, 20-500 HP
  • High Torque, Crusher Duty, 1-500 HP
  • Oil Well Pump Motors, 3-150 HP
  • Explosion Proof Motors, 1-300 HP
  • Aluminum Motors, 1-10 HP
  • Vertical Hollow Shaft Pump Motors, 10-250 HP

Rolled Steel, TEFC

  • 56C Frame, 1/3-3 HP
  • Integral Horse Power, 1-10 HP
  • Open Drip proof, 1-15 HP

Benshaw Soft-Starts and Drives

We also provide a full line of Benshaw variable frequency drives and soft-starters. We can determine your motor starter and control needs accurately, and limit costly equipment mistakes and malfunctions. We will gladly make any modifications necessary to suit your needs and desired method of operation.